Contemporary Romance Sample (Bi)

Antonio and I have decided to get a divorce.

I’ve known about his infidelity for far too long, and he graciously blames himself for the breakdown of our marriage, as he should. Let’s be honest though, the breakdown of a marriage is never fully one sided, no matter what we like to think.  Infidelity was an interesting term, and definable in multiple different ways depending on the person and their experiences. Did I ever physically cheat on my husband? No. But I’ve been keeping a secret from him for quite some time.

            I suppose it all started with my very first relationship. Grayson was my tutor’s son, and he had a way with words that, without a lack of trying to keep myself under control, caused my panties to slip right off within a week. There went my virginity, and thus began the spiraling insanity of my love life.

            Even though we stayed together for the next three years, something always felt a bit…off. Needless to say, I was quite relieved when I walked in on him cheating on me with one of his tutees.

            My early twenties became a blur of one-night stands, nauseating hangovers, and working a dead-end, life sucking banking job. It wasn’t until I was 27 that I found myself dating Antonio, and contemplating a life with him outside of the normal dating game.

            But just as I did with Grayson, I found myself thinking about someone other than Antonio whenever we made love. A person I’ve known since my freshman biology class at Shoomer Community College.


            Before I met her, I never, ever questioned my sexuality. On the contrary, I’ve been boy crazy since kindergarten. But I feel something much stronger than friendship with her, even stronger than sex, but that was how it had manifested itself in my mind.

            When I finally figured out how to climax during sex with Grayson, my mind blanketed with thoughts of her. I tried focusing on him, but every time I had an orgasm, I was with her.

            I lied to myself, though. I told myself that it was just a phase and something I’d get over. I read article after article about women and sexuality. How the majority of women fantasized at some point in their lives about sex with a woman. I placated my own fears with statistics and firsthand quoted accounts. But in the end, the phase never ended. It became a normal thing for me, and in my head, I had achieved dozens of orgasms at the hands, fingers, tongue, and body of Scarlett.

            After I walked in on Grayson cheating on me with his tutee, I felt nothing but relief that our relationship was finally over. Most women would have been angry and hurt, but not me. I simply walked away and never looked back. Which was odd, seeing as how our relationship was never all that bad.

            Antonio was the first man to make me climax during oral sex. His tongue knew what it was doing. And no matter how many times I screamed his name while clutching the rumpled bed sheets next to me, I always thought of Scarlett. Her lips, the way she moved, the way she tasted, it was bonded to my brain.

            The first time her and I kissed, it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Her hand pressed on the back of my head as my mouth instinctively opened, not a bit of hesitation. The passion between us was out of this world, and the intensity of the kiss was pushed over the edge as our tongues intertwined wildly in my mouth. What started as attraction quickly turned into flames of wild desire that night, our mouths forming a bond that incased me in, what seemed to be, an eternal longing for more.

            Well, it seemed that after all of that time, all of the failed attempts at “normal” relationships, I was getting the more I wanted. My hands moved up Scarlett’s sides, pushing beneath her loose white t-shirt. As my fingers lingered over the clasps to her bra, my phone rang out, sounding the proverbial alarm in my mind.

            Scarlett pulled back in anger, glancing down as I fumbled for the phone. “When are you going to stop lying to yourself, and everyone else for that matter?”

            That was a really good question.